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Odors And Itching—Oh My: What You Can Do To Help

You're going to experience odors or even itching at some point in your lifetime, but when it comes from your vagina, it can be embarrassing. There are a number of reasons why this happens, and it doesn't mean you're dirty or don't take care of yourself, it can happen to anyone. To help get rid of your itching and odors, there are a few things you can do. Read on for helpful information.

Wear Breathable Underwear

Sometimes sweat from day to day activities can cause you to sweat everywhere, including your nether regions. When your underwear become damp from sweat, it can create odors or even itching. Wearing breathable underwear that are comfortable and fit you properly can help combat this. Wear cotton underwear or mesh underwear to help wick sweat away from the body and that will dry quickly. If need be, bring an extra pair of underwear with you so you can change if needed.

Use Feminine Wash

Using a feminine wash to wash your vagina will also help remove odors. It can help with your body's pH balance. You can find feminine wash in the feminine products section at your local pharmacy or big box store. Wash your vagina thoroughly, and make sure you also dry it thoroughly as well. Moisture can cause odors and itching, which is why drying thoroughly is also important. Make sure you shower after working out or if you've gotten sweaty (even if you didn't work out). 

Watch What You Eat

Sometimes what you are eating can cause odors or even itching. Try to adjust your diet to include more fruits and vegetables (although asparagus can change the odor of your urine). Try to limit dairy products and foods that contain a lot of yeast. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Eating a cleaner diet can help improve your body overall, and it can help clean your body out.

Wipe Properly

Most women do not wipe properly. You should always wipe from front to back, not the other way around. This can help prevent bacteria from spreading to the vagina and cause infections. Be sure you are wiping properly, and use wet-wipes to help keep you clean as well. 

Odors and itching from your nether regions are not something you want to happen to you. Make a visit to your gynecologist if you continue to have problems with odors and itching for treatment and other helpful information. For more information, visit websites like

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